Megan Wang named CEO of theBoardlist

Shannon Gordon to remain as strategic advisor & board member

Megan Wang named CEO of theBoardlist

The last four years with theBoardlist have been a time of incredible personal and professional growth for me. I came into the role passionate about our mission of bringing greater diversity to the boardroom and ready to build a company that delivered against that goal. Today, I am proud of the progress we’ve made as a business and the role that theBoardlist has played in the evolution of the boardroom. And, there is much left to do.

Last year, I began conversations with Sukhinder about a CEO transition and I am thrilled that today we are announcing that Megan Wang will be taking over the role effective immediately. I have worked with Megan for the last eight years, most recently as theBoardlist’s COO. Already exceptionally talented, Megan has grown tremendously during her time at theBoardlist and brings the skills, energy and humanity that the company and our community needs for its next phase of growth. I could not be more confident in her as our next leader. Please see her reflections on the appointment below.

In the last year, my passion for initiatives beyond the day to day CEO responsibilities has grown. As a result, I will continue to contribute to our business and mission as in my roles as Co-Founder and Board Member of theBoardlist, and strategic advisor to Megan.

It has been a privilege to serve theBoardlist community of exceptional talent and companies committed to change. I have learned from every conversation with you and am both grateful and excited to see what we’ll accomplish together.

Shannon Gordon

Co-founder and board member, theBoardlist

To our community at theBoardlist,

These past few years navigating a pandemic, distanced from our loved ones, the reminder of the systemic injustices that remain and a new world of work, has inspired many to shift our priorities – more time with those we hold dearest to us, the space to reflect on our shared human experience, and more focus on the work that gives us purpose. And, the recognition that for many of us, it is a privilege to have that choice.

I’ve been fortunate to have found deep fulfillment in my work. I joined theBoardlist in early 2020, called to our mission to achieve diversity and true representation at the highest levels, and was incredibly inspired by the leadership of Shannon Gordon & Sukhinder Singh Cassidy. I found myself unable to fully accept that I was being presented the opportunity to learn from these women and work on such an important issue. Fast forward to today – I am beyond honored to accept the responsibility of leading theBoardlist into its future as CEO.

My career began over a decade ago, as an early employee at a fast-growing VC-backed ecommerce marketplace startup. The classic story of an office in a garage in Silicon Valley, which then catapulted me to China where I built global cross-border operations and helped scale the company to more than $200M in sales. However, the journey to today is much more personal than a resume. It’s a story of confidence, understanding my power, finding my voice – and the delicate balance with humility.

As underrepresented leaders, it is important we understand the value we deliver professionally, that we have the self-belief in our own capabilities, and are armed with the knowledge that we deserve to be in all of the rooms and spaces. This has also been critical to my own personal journey.

So, what is next? At theBoardlist, we are charged with accelerating change faster – the discovery of talent, supporting aspiring directors in their candidacy and giving your profiles as much visibility and exposure as possible, leading to meaningful connections and opportunities. There’s so much more progress to be made. It feels like our work is just beginning again. I am honored to be one of many working to build equitable representation in the boardroom – and I hope you’ll continue to join me and theBoardlist on this critical mission.

All the best,

Megan Wang

Chief Executive Officer, theBoardlist


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